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Learn to Make Sense of the Noise

Firstly, there is a wealth of training and support available online, both from the Rational Acoustics Youtube channel, and from independent “superusers” such as Nathan Lively. Resources exist for both v8 and v9, and while general principles will still hold true for older versions, the user interface and some of the algorithms “under the hood” may be different.

OK, cool. So what happens next? The next step is to obtain your Smaart Operator Level 1 Certification.

How do I  become Level 1 certified?
Smaart Operator Level 1 Certification is granted upon completing the Smaart Operator Fundamentals Level 1 Exam. The Level 1 exam is open to all Smaart users. However, the exam is specific to the terminology, workflow, and interface of Smaart v8 or later, and uses Smaart v8 / v9 screenshots in many questions. Users who have only worked with versions of Smaart before v8 or with Smaart Di will want to attend an in-person Smaart training class or review the online Smaart Operator Fundamentals webinars v8 / v9 Operational Videos before attempting the exam.

How much does it cost to get Level 1 certified?
For anyone who has taken an official Smaart Training Class since the launch of Smaart v8 in April 2016 (either with Rational Acoustics directly or from any Authorized Smaart Instructor), the first attempt at taking the exam is free.  If you do not pass the exam on the first try, you can re-take the exam at the cost of $24.99 per attempt. Most class attendees will have received an email with a free test access code. If you have not received a test access code, please get in touch with your class organiser: mail(…at…)

The Smaart Operator Certification Program allows users to demonstrate their proficiency in operating the Smaart software platform. The program consists of the Smaart Operator Level 1 Certification Exam and the Smaart Operator Network. Different levels of certification will be added as more advanced Smaart training programs, and tests are developed.

If you took a Smaart training class before the release of Smaart v8, or if you have never taken an in-person Smaart Training class, the cost to take the Level 1 exam is $24.99 per attempt.

Level 1 Smaart Operator Certification is to confirm the successful completion of Smaart training, as presented in the in-person or online Smaart Operator Fundamentals class. It is a certification that the student: 

  • understands the basic operational paradigms embodied in Smaart software 
  • understands the fundamental measurement concepts involved.  
  • can set up and run a Smaart system
  • make basic measurements
  • read the information presented in the data

It does NOT certify any level of sound system engineering capabilities or the ability to interpret Smaart data to make helpful system alignment decisions. (To use a medical analogy… Level 1 certification means that a user knows how to run a CAT scan machine, not that they can accurately interpret the results to make a medical diagnosis).

Where do I take the Level 1 Exam?
To access the Level 1 Exam, click on the button below. You will be redirected to the online test site, where you must register and create a user account to proceed with the exam.

What happens if I pass the Level 1 exam?
If you pass the Level 1 exam, you will receive a lovely Level 1 certificate to show off to your friends and neighbors, and you will become eligible to take future Level 2 / Advanced Smaart Training Classes for which a Level 1 certification is required. You will also be invited to add your name to the Smaart Operator Network (see details below).

What happens if I fail the Level 1 exam?
If you do not pass the Level 1 exam, you can re-take the exam as many times as you wish. Each additional attempt at taking the exam is $24.99

Here is a short video outlining the test site registration & navigation procedures


Anyone who passes the Smaart Operator Level 1 Certification Exam will be invited to add their name to the Smaart Operator Network, a searchable online listing of Certified Smaart Operators worldwide. 


Smaart training classes are taught on the latest release, though any questions from previous versions may be answered. The training program provides pro-audio engineers with a solid foundation in sound system measurement, optimization, and acoustic analysis.

Smaart classes are available at multiple levels, from introductory overviews to advanced-level real-world practicums. This allows you to hone your skills, from advanced beginner to professional level.

Rational Acoustics UK & Ireland classes are taught by a small number of qualified and experienced tutors. For full details, please view individual class dates.