Audio Interfaces

The production of the Smaart I-O was discontinued in September 2017.

The Smaart I-O was a measurement-grade 2×2 USB audio interface designed aSmaart I-Ond built specifically for use with Smaart Measurement Software.  The I-O featured two high-quality, active balanced inputs with 50 dB of computer adjustable gain in precision 1 dB steps.  These input gains were monitored directly by Smaart allowing the user to retain accurate SPL calibration while varying measurement signal input levels. As a class-compliant USB audio device, the Smaart I-O uses the operating system’s built-in audio I/O drivers to communicate with Smaart and other audio-related programs.

So why was the Smaart i-o discontinued? There were two main reasons: 1) we were running low on stock and some of the components were no longer available and 2) the costs associated with launching a redesigned product weren’t economical when compared to perfectly good multi-channel mass-market interfaces from Roland, Focusrite, RME and so on, or even Dante pre-amps like the Yamaha TIO.

The remote gain tracking functionality has currently been implemented for the Roland Octa-Capture, and other devices with digital pre-amp control are likely to follow and of course, for a calibrated closed-loop tamper-proof system, the 10Eazy system should be your go-to platform.

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