Smaart Demo

Smaart Demo Installers:

Smaart demo versions may be downloaded for a free (one time) 30-day trial. Please take the time to evaluate the software during those 30 days.

You can download and run the latest version of the Demo installers even if you have already downloaded a previous version Demo. (i.e. you can download the v8.1 Demo even if you have downloaded the v8.0 demo etc. Isn’t that nice of us?)

At the end of 30 days, this Demo will automatically expire and cannot be re-activated or turned into a full licensed version of Smaart. You must download a completely separate installer upon purchasing a license of Smaart v8 or Smaart Di2.

Demo Limitations:

Smaart Demos have some functionality disabled.  This should not interfere with your ability to evaluate Smaart but it is very important for you to read the following limitations prior to downloading the Demo

  • Will not save files or retain configuration upon shutdown
  • You can load a reference trace or impulse response (v.7), but not a configuration file
  • Max delay for Transfer Function measurements is limited to 50 milliseconds
  • Cursor readout background color is a lovely shade of bright orange
  • Tampering with or changing the system time will cause the demo to expire immediately.

Demo Support:

Below are the “Getting Started” guide for v7 Di and the full User Guide for Smaart v8.  If you are new to Smaart or this platform – READ THESE DOCUMENTS!  Please.

Smaart v8 User Guide

9 out of 10 support calls that we receive concerning Smaart are answered in these documents. They cover the basic configuration and operation of Smaart plus a lot more, and if you call for tech support our first question will be, “Did you read the manual?”.

Click Here to Download Smaart v8

Click Here to Download Smaart Di v2

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