Smaart Measurement Software

System Measurement Acoustic Analysis Real-time Tool

Rational Acoustics Smaart has set the standard for sound system measurement and alignment at festivals, concert halls, theaters as well as on tour with a number of world renowned artists.

Smaart is a dual-channel, FFT-based platform to analyse sound systems and room acoustics. With Smaart you can examine sound systems in detail and solve problems. It is a very powerful software which can be used on Windows and Mac computers. Smaart is used by professional sound system engineers to identify tones/frequencies and to help with sound system alignment and equalisation.

The audio engineer can find out what the equalisers, delays, speakers and acoustical environments (room) are doing to the signal. They can use this information to adapt the sound systems to rooms, or even vice versa.

System Measurement – This is a dual-channel analyser.  By comparing two signals, “what went in”  to “what came out” and finding out what happened in between, this enables you investigate variances in level, frequency content, duration, etc.

Acoustic Analysis –  By doing system measurements in and of acoustic environments. Otherwise known as an “impulse response” or IR measurement, this type of analysis allows the user to identify acoustical anomalies such as harmful reflections or excessive reverberation. Armed with such information, the user can make educated decisions on factors such as system aiming or acoustic treatments.

Real-time Tool – This extremely powerful analyser is built for real-time analysis in your warehouse, workshop, at your install sites, during your load-ins, and most importantly, during your actual show.

Learn more about the software versions, Smaart v8 and Smaart Di2 and the your computer system requirements. Join the large world wide user base of Smaart and get your Smaart license at the Rational Acoustics online store now.

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