Hosting a Class

About Smaart and the Smaart Training program

Smaart is a sound analyser. A dual-channel, FFT-based software platform audio engineers use to view the frequency content of signals or measure the response of our electrical and electro-acoustic systems. This tool helps to examine professional sound systems in detail. Smaart is a software product providing an extremely powerful analyser in a package that is affordable for every audio professional.

The Smaart training program is designed to provide pro-audio engineers with a solid foundation in sound system measurement, optimisation and acoustical analysis.

Smaart classes are taught by certified instructors noted internationally for their professional audio experience and superior teaching  skills. While we are happy to accept students from any locale, UK courses are taught in English.

Smaart classes are available at multiple levels, from introductory overviews to advanced level real world practicums. This allows you  to hone yours skills, from advanced beginner to professional level.

The course curriculum, however, goes far beyond what one normally would understand as a simple software class. While Smaart is obviously the platform of choice for in-class measurements (and why not? You’d be hard-pushed to name a more powerful and intuitive measurement system), the intended outcome is that students gain insight into what they are measuring, how best to gather that data, and why they wanted (or should have wanted) to know that in the first place. Once these fundamental skills are well practiced and understood, they are equally valuable across a variety of platforms and job roles.

You can read more about the specifics of our training here.

Hosting a Smaart class

The courses are held in co-operation with what we call “class hosts”. These hosts are typically Sound System distributors, theatres / concert houses etc. and sound rental companies.

The class host does not have to pay a fee for sending technical personnel (typically around 3 to 4 technicians / engineers) to the class.

On top of that the hosts gets a free Smaart v8 license.
The host provides a class room, a basic sound system including signal distribution …. and coffee. 🙂 

The “out of house” attendees pay their fee directly to Rational Acoustics UK & Ireland. From this intake we cover our costs like travel, class materials and the instructor. 

We have a soft limit of 20 attendees as a maximum. This does depend somewhat on the size and capability of the hosting space. Minimum is 10/12 “paying” attendees to cover our cost.

Our hosts are very happy with these arrangements as it gives them an opportunity to have many sound engineers trained in their facilities and these engineers get to know a possible employer.


We try to identify windows for potential class dates based on instructor availability and seasonal factors (such as holiday periods or festival season).

We will then work actively with the host venue to confirm precise class format and dates prior to going live with promoting the class.

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